Top 5 Reasons Businesses Use Hourly Office Rentals in Scottsdale

hourly office rentals in Scottsdale

hourly office rentals in ScottsdaleDue to the fast passed nature of our business world, the infrastructure surrounding a business must be agile and flexible. An article from states that, “Thanks to increasing reliance on mobile devices, professionals can seamlessly transition from home to meetings to the office, with clients and customers never realizing the change in location.”

This evolution has resulted in the increase of hourly office rentals in Scottsdale, as companies want to maintain a professional appearance with their clients. Considering how fluid business has become, these hourly rental options are a perfect fit for individuals in need of a simple and efficient solution for “as-needed” office space.

Top 5 Creative Business Uses for Hourly Office Rentals:

1: Out of Town on Business

If your clients are located outside of Scottsdale, setting up a virtual office when they come to visit is a smart decision. This allows you to maintain flexibility with your business, while accommodating the scheduling needs of your out-of-town clients in a professional atmosphere.

Meeting clients from out of town, especially if it’s a first impression, can make or break a business relationship. Take the extra effort to ensure any office you lease is professionally maintained, staffed by skillful individuals and offers concierge services. Paying close attention to these details can secure a client for years.

2: Interviews

When businesses expand into new cities, the infrastructure of an existing office space is typically not in place. If you’re an expanding business needing to conduct interviews and you don’t have a designated office space to call your own, a day office or hourly office rental solution is perfect.

In bringing candidates in for a job interview, you’re not the only one evaluating and assessing whether the situation is a good fit. From the time the interviewee drives up and walks through the door, they are analyzing where the building is located, how the lobby looks, whether the office space appears professional, and if the receptionist is outgoing. It’s important to present your company in a manner that is consistent with your business values, so you’re attracting the right people to join your team.

3: Signing Contracts / Documents

Business can and does happen everywhere. If you find yourself in a situation where you’re engaging in business that requires the signing of contracts or documents you’ll need a professional space to finalize the transaction.

Having access to office amenities such as a professional receptionist, concierge services, copy rooms and high-speed internet is not a convenience but rather a necessity. Having services like this at your finger could open the door to future contracts. Setting up an hourly office or conference room rental to finalize your real estate transaction, legal document or any other business negotiation is a smart move that will leave a strong impression and potentially pay dividends into the future.

4. For Sale By Owner

With platforms like Ebay and Craigslist anyone can sell anything to anyone. This style of marketplace continues to be popular for consumer and sellers alike. If you happen to be selling high-ticket items to a local customer that would like to see the product before making the purchase, you may need to set up a place to meet in order to showcase the merchandise. Renting hourly office space can also provide a safer environment for meeting local customers.

5. Group Sales Presentations

When you’re trying to impress prospective clients during a group sales presentation, it’s critical to make the most of the meeting. Everything from the presentation, setting and office technology must leave a positive impression on the group.

A reality for so many business owners is that conference room equipment is rarely used and often obsolete or broken down. If you use a lot of visual aids during your group presentations, it simply makes economic and practical sense to set up hourly meeting room rentals as needed to get you message out as efficiently as possible.

Being aware of the various types of office rental options and resources will help you to be more profitable and professional in the work you’re doing. Finding an executive office for rent in Scottsdale that will allow you to customize your package, rent by the hour and assist in securing meeting space quickly will be a sure-fire way to help your business thrive.


Need an hourly office space in Scottsdale AZ? Advantage Office Suites can help with many options including virtual offices, flex-suites and executive office suites. Call Advantage Office Suites today at (480) 305-2000 for more information or click here to request a quick quote

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