3 Simple Tips To Manage Business Communications Efficiently

manage business communicaiton

manage business communicaiton

In the fast paced, quick access world we live in today it may seem logical to automate all aspects of client interaction to reduce downtime and mistakes in order to increase opportunity. However, choosing this path of communication could turn out to be a big mistake.

Taking good care of clients and having an effective way to manage business communications may sound simple enough, but with the vast amount of outlets it can be complicated and overwhelming to stay on top of. With tools like Facebook, LinkedIn, email, webinars, video and the telephone to name a few, it is important to figure out which outlets work best for keeping you connected with clients. One key to building strong systems around communication is a willingness to embrace new technology and develop clear expectations. Here are a few key areas worth evaluating.

A Proactive Approach Email Communication

Email is a powerful tool that has taken business communication to a whole new level. In fact, many businesses are integrating cloud-based CRM platforms into their email communication to improve efficiency and stay in front of customers and prospect in a more systematic way. CRM’s or Customer Relationship Management software allows a company to organize customer data in easy to access files – allowing any member of the team to quickly and efficiently reply to customer inquiries. The activation of a CRM platform can remove many hurdles that impact business efficiency including:

  • Organizing all customer data into easy to access online cloud accounts
  • Forwarding emails to teams of sales reps, so if one rep is unavailable, another one can step in quickly to take care of customer inquiries
  • All emails can be kept in customer folders – so that the company can access any previous email on the fly – to reduce communication gaps or discover inaccuracies.

By using the CRM platforms to monitor the email communication and customer accounts – efficiency is improved and lost sales due to communication gaps become a thing of the past.

How To Manage Social Media Use in the Office

In a Forbes Magazine article, it was said that social media integration into the office space would improve business efficiency due to the quick response capabilities social media offers. Although this may be true, social media can often be a two-headed monster. Your business has social media profiles that allow you to communicate quickly with customers, collect reviews, answer questions, post industry news and show support for causes your business would like to be associated with. This is great but, you also have employees with personal social media profiles, and if you don’t have a company handbook that outlines your expectations around social media, then you may end up dealing with major issues around your office, costing your business greatly.

One creative idea, rather than outlawing social media in the office is to allow employees a designated time period to access their personal social media accounts. By acknowledging social media is a part of life, and establishing a set time to check social accounts company morale can be improved – and can prevent employees from “sneaking” onto social media and carelessly wasting time throughout the workday. In addition, It’s important to have a dedicated person to manage business social media profiles. This will allow for you to put forth a consistent business voice. This person can measure engagement to better understand what’s working and what might need adjustments.

Who is Answering The Business Telephone?

A study completed at Harvard University outlined the top three ways customers decide what companies to work with. The number one item on the list was personal vocal communication between the customer and company representatives. Conversely, a leading cause of business inefficiency is not having a designated person answering the phone. In order to establish a reliable, predicable telephone answering solution, more companies are turning to professional telephone answering services.

Professional telephone answering services allow businesses to showcase dedication and professionalism to customer service without having to pay for additional employees. In addition, you don’t have to invest in advanced telephone technology, reducing overhead costs. This type of service offers a legitimate cost-savings opportunity that will also streamline your companies telephone communication.

As discussed throughout this article, it’s critical to have clear, concise communication throughout your business. The more succinct you can be, the less time your employees and clients will spend trying to understand your message, which leaves more time to work on other profitable activities.


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