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meeting room essentials

meeting room essentialsOne business reality is that deals are often won or lost during face-to-face meetings. Forbes points out, “Meetings are important in forging relationships, sharing information, and educating teams. Unfortunately, most fail.”

Conducting a successful meeting can become a hurdle due to the costs involved in maintaining a professional office that also has appropriate meeting room or conference room space. However, there are solutions that allow the smallest business to meet with clients in a professional meeting room setting without incurring large overhead expenses. Consider the benefits that come with leveraging a meeting room rental. You don’t need to own or lease the office space instead you can book the appropriate room as meetings come up. The key is making sure you book suitable Scottsdale meeting rooms tailored to your specific business needs.

Here are meeting room essentials to ask about when researching a meeting room or conference room rental:

1. Choosing the Right Meeting Room Rental Location

The first item that any business needs is a physical location where it can take place. Do you want the meeting location to be close to your current office? Or, would you rather make it closer to the location of your prospect or client? It is also important to consider what options are available when it comes to the size of the rooms. Some meetings will require small, more intimate space, while other meetings call for large-scale meeting room with multiple audio-visual resources.

It helps to make sure the office facility is high-class when you’re looking to book your rental. It is critically important to know that the entire facility is up to your professional standards and reflects appropriately on your business.

2. Ask About Meeting Room Amenities

Just as vital as finding the right size and location of the meeting room, is ensuring it has the appropriate supportive materials to guarantee a smooth and productive meeting. When you are researching professional executive office service companies, here are some meeting room amenities to ask about include:

  • Whiteboards and appropriate writing supplies; permit you to visually articulate your message to the intended audience.
  • State of the art A/V equipment; this often includes video conferencing and high-speed internet connectivity so you can conference multiple people in from distant locations.
  • Professional concierge service. This is a huge benefit for small business owners to ensure your clients are taken care of in a professional manner.

3. Look For A Flexible Conference Room Rental Solution

Most professional executive office rentals offer affordable rates, however, you may want to consider a few other key questions that may impact overall cost:

  • Can you rent meeting rooms by the hour? This flexibility is not only fiscally responsible, but it also allows you to adjust on the fly and book additional hours if needed.
  • Does the executive office service company offer break rooms or public gathering services? Remember that the meeting room might be the place where business is done, but the surrounding area needs to be just as professional and well kept.
  • Do they offer larger and smaller meeting room sizes? You may not need the flexibility today, but there is a good chance you will in the future. Having the flexibility to work with the same executive office company that supports your need for a small meeting room all the way to a larger conference room means you’ll have a more reliable source for your long term business meeting room rental needs.

Whether you’re a one-person business or a growing enterprise, meetings are an integral part of gaining new business and maintaining existing relationships. Ask yourself if you feel your current meeting rooms or conference rooms fit your needs. If the answer is no, use the tips above to find the right meeting room rental solution, so you can ensure a positive experience with your clients and prospects.

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