We Can Provide Your Scottsdale Meeting Room (but do you need it?)

In this age of technology, virtually everything can be accomplished . . . virtually.  In a flash you can communicate with clients and business associates all over the world, all from the comfort of your sofa or coffee shop table.  However, there are times when face-to-face meetings really are necessary and beneficial.  You might be in a point in your business where utilizing our Scottsdale meeting rooms is a smart next move.

Not convinced?  Consider a study reported by Meeting Professionals International that found that 40% of prospective buyers became new customers through face-to-face communications.  And KHR Solutions conducted a survey that found that 56% of employees prefer face-to-face interactions with their manager, and 50% prefer the same with colleagues.

Since face-to-face is still, sometimes, the best way to communicate, here are a few situations where you might find yourself calling Advantage:

Group discussions

Sure, virtual meetings are quick, convenient, and efficient.  However, you can bet that some of the meeting participants are multi-tasking as they’re “meeting” with you, not fully engaged or mentally committed.  Meeting face-to-face, at least quarterly, will ensure a more productive, vibrant discussion.  Plus, consider the downtime before and after the meeting; that idle chit-chat is actually bonding and trust-building in disguise.  Add in some delicious coffee provided by Advantage Office Suites, and you have grounds for some beautiful relationship-building.


Being in a different environment can engage and stimulate the brain in a unique way.  In fact, studies have shown that people are more likely to think creatively and remember more when they are in a new environment.  Not only that, but through the process of “emotional contagion” the passion and excitement you have for your business will be more contagious in person.  Our top-scale meeting rooms in Scottsdale may help spark your business’ next big idea.

Celebratory or holiday lunch

If your business has just hit an important milestone or you just simply want to show your employees or associates your appreciation, then why not invite the crew to a catered lunch?  Rewarding those who help your business grow and run, even in this small way, can go surprisingly far, and can cut down on turnover, improve performance, and increase loyalty.

Host a charity event

Wanna give back?  Even if your business is on the newer-and-smaller side, supporting a charity is a great way to increase your visibility, get involved with your target community, and do some good.  Find a cause that excites both you and your clientele and a noble charity that supports that cause.  Then, contact the charity to determine a way that can support their need and get your customers involved.  Our Arizona meeting rooms can be a great spot in which to host a fundraiser, service project, or collection site.  Find some great ideas and information here.

It is commonly believed that 90% of all communication occurs through body language.  So even when the whole world seems to be driven by technology, sometimes there is simply no replacement for face-to-face meetings.  And when these interactions take place in our professional, beautiful Scottsdale meeting rooms, all parties involved can only grow and benefit from the experience.

Learn more about scheduling a meeting room in Scottsdale AZ by contacting Romeo from Advantage Office Suites at 480-305-2000.


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