Business Productivity: Virtual Office vs Traditional Office

virtual office vs traditional office

virtual office vs traditional officeThe first launch of the home office for workers began in preparation for the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles, CA, employers have continued to debate whether business productivity is lost when an employee works virtually. The twenty first century concept of virtual, remote or home office has expanded into many corporate areas and provides some rather interesting facts when you compare a virtual office vs traditional office environment.

Looking At Employee Attitudes for Working Virtually:

According to a survey sponsored by Microsoft and conducted by 7th Sense Research entitled, Microsoft’s Best Midsize Cities for Virtual Workers found:

*72% of employees stated that they would prefer to work at home.

*60% of the employees reported that they could do their jobs remotely.

*52% of employees indicated that they were more productive when working remotely.

*44% of employees indicated that there were less distractions when working remotely.

*14% of the employees indicated that their companies were ‘fully supportive’ of remote working.

Productivity Study on Working From Home vs. Working at A Company Office Location:

Harvard Business Law professor, Nicholas Bloom and James Liang, graduate student and cofounder of Ctrip, a Chinese travel website created a nine month study involving the Ctrip call center employees. The study involved fifty percent of the staff to voluntarily opt for working at home, with the remaining staff in the office as the control group. The responses via their own survey were combined with the data that was collected at the end of the study. The results of the study showed that the home office workers experienced a better sense of happiness, were less likely to quit and also showed a higher level of productivity at a rate of 13.5% more calls.

Additional results of the study indicated a savings of $1,900 per employee on furniture and space, and, with lower turnover had a significant savings in staff training.

The consensus of the results showed that the quieter environment at home offered an increase in productivity, along with the combination of less distractions and breaks that often occur in a standard office. One of the more interesting results uncovered by this study showed that staff working at home actually worked more hours, took shorter breaks and had fewer sick days. It’s also important to note that results were steady over the nine month period as opposed to an initial affect due to enthusiasm of the program.

Productivity is based on Company Culture and Individual Discipline

Whether a staff member is working from a home office or a company office, successful productivity is based on a company’s culture that has a positive morale. The encouragement can extend to employees, no matter what environment they are working in. Remember to implement a standard start time that matches the normal work-day and treat the work time in a home office in the same manner as a traditional office.


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